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I am in such a better place since my appt. with you. I feel this very loving presence too. What did you do to have such an amazing affect on me? I thought I just went for a reflexology session, but I came away with an incredible sense of well being that I haven't felt in a long time. With tears of gratitude, I am thanking you for this gift.
Gail B. Ryegate VT.

I have had low back and leg pain for about ten years....chiropractors and physical therapist....shots and a nerve burn.  All have helped to a point, but I couldn't get the "crunchy felling" out of my low back or (relief from) the SEVERE pain in my legs when I walked........
WOW!  I can't believe how much better I have felt in just six weeks.   I never realized how much my feet had to do with my back and leg pain. Reflexology on my feet has relived so much of the pain. Everyone should treat themselves to an hour with Diane
B.A. Lyndonville

"Diane is incredible, She has a talent for being able to make me feel peaceful and relaxed...I never realized the benefits of reflexology.....Diane has a passion for her work...it shows....in the way she cares for her clients. Thank you."!
ASB, Derby Line, Vermont

"Most folks who have piled up as many birthdays as I have are not the first ones out of the gate to try new therapies...such was the case when Diane gave me my first treatment...the results made a believer out of me...not only has Diane mastered her practice, she is a genuinely caring person...! I recommend her services highly"!
PD, Wheelock, Vermont

"I tried foot reflexology on recommendation by my wife but didn't know what to expect. Well, I was blown away! Not only was it very pleasant and relaxing, but Diane was able to check on the health of other parts of my body, internal systems included. Her read was completely accurate. I was experiencing problems in the other areas of my body that she discussed during the reflexology session. Diane was even able to work on those areas. It's amazing that so much information is available to a properly trained reflexologist like Diane Willson. I plan to have many more sessions"!
JRH, Barnet VT

"I am completely relaxed and stress-free after a reflexology session."
 Sharon Racusin, Norwich VT

I have received Reflexology for my feet and Positional Release Therapy from Diane numerous times over the past year. I couldn’t be any happier with the relief, experience and knowledge I have received from Diane. She goes above and beyond the service of any other treatment I have ever received by taking time to ensure I was getting the best care possible, every time. This beneficial, relaxing, personable and always professional experience is something I would strongly recommend to anyone wanting to heal their pain away.
JC, Concord, VT

“What great and instant relief I felt when Diane used Positional Release Therapy to treat my sciatica pain! I perform extremely physical work and it is necessary that I am able to go to work every day. That was two years ago and the pain has not returned. Later, I had severe pain with foot and ankle swelling. After receiving Reflexology from Diane, I could walk on my foot (with comfort) again, and experience healing with Diane’s instructions on preventative exercises and footwear. Thanks Diane!   
Bernie Jordans, St. Johnsbury, VT


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